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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Welcome back to another most amazing Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World post. I love it when you guys come back it is a whole lot of fun and it’s a whole lot of learning. Let’s get right into it, so this right here is the list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World.

Number 10: Most Dangerous Cities in South Africa is Cape Town

Most Dangerous Cities in South Africa

Due to the prevalence of poverty and social unrest in this city, it is suffering from extremely high crime. In fact, it is one of the highest crimes per 100 000 residents in the world pertaining assaults rape, and murder. Which is about 50 people each day is murdered and it’s only increasing. There’s about 65 000 rapes and other sexual assaults reported each year. And there’s a lot of insurance companies down there that don’t even insure cars. That’s because they’re stolen way too often. You’re not able to ensure a Volkswagen city golf at all, because this is the most common car hijacked.

Number 09: Most Dangerous Cities in America in Detroit

most dangerous cities in the united states

According to the fbi crime statistics the crime rate was five times higher than the national average. Within the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in us residents. Three neighborhoods in the Detroit district ranked. This city is so bad that a lot of residents have boarded up their windows and doors. The population really took a hit in 2010 were 200 000 residents fled. Right now their population is under 700 000 their population hasn’t been this low since 1910 a long time ago.

Number 08: Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico is Acapulco

Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico

The Acapulco city used to be one of Mexico’s oldest coastal tourist destinations. But, in modern times tourists and Acapulco have been facing problems with local corrupt police. They steal money by extortion and also by intimidating people. I mean they’re the ones in power.

Police officers would threaten residents with jail time other than. That Acapulco is also known as a city with a lot of drug cartel problems. There have been reports of dead bodies everywhere. And if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time no one can guarantee you will survive. There are dozens of beheaded bodies victims with their limbs all chopped up. Some mass execution sites has been spotted as well, as victims with their skin all peeled right off this is all over the city. So for all of these reasons, this is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Number 07: Most Dangerous Cities in Iraq is Baghdad

Most Dangerous Cities in Iraq

We’re talking about Baghdad Iraq. This is Iraq’s largest city with over seven million people and it’s the second-largest city in the Arab world. The level of violence remains rampant due to random fires and roadside bombings. A lot of the city has faced severe infrastructural damage due to the Iraq war. There were bombs going off everywhere as of 2012 Baghdad, was listed as the least hospital place in the world. Local people are being randomly killed or hunted. With about 130 bodies found every morning.

Number 06: Most Dangerous Cities in Syria is Damascus

Most Dangerous Cities in Syria

Damascus is the capital and the second-largest city in Syria, which is just after this Alpo well. This is a city known for all those isis videos of terrorist groups being beheading people. Recently there was a 14-year-old boy hung by his wrist in the air and was tortured. This city is also known for a lot of those young people joining the army. The city consists of war and the country Syria is considered as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have died this past year. Hundreds of them being children a lot of these children are. Also in prison are being tortured thousands of certain. And militant police have lost their lives from local residents trying to fight back.

Number 05: Most Dangerous Cities in Sierra Leone is Freetown

Most Dangerous Cities in Sierra Leone

We have “Freetown” which is the capital and the largest city in Sierra Leone. Right now there are travel warnings to not even travel to the city. That’s because they have an outbreak of Ebola which is killing thousands of people. The fatality rate exceeds 30 percent. Some strains of Ebola have known to cause a 90 fertility rate, there was a nationwide three-day quarantine. Where the whole city was shut down. There is so much crime there from 1991 to 2001 50 000 people were killed in the civil war. The city’s environment is so dangerous to live in that expectancy is ranked at the bottom of the world health organization list. This is the list that was conducted in 2013, the life expectancy if you guys live in this city, is 46 years old.

Number 04: Most Dangerous Cities in Somalia is Mogadishu

Most Dangerous Cities in Somalia

This is Somalia’s capital and is currently a war zone which is extremely dangerous. There is a conflict between the government and the warlords which is al-Qaeda we all know them as the famous terrorist group. The group was run by Osama Bin Laden the people behind the 911 attacks. The current leader right now of that Al-Qaeda group is 63-year-old Admin Zakari. Right now there’s a 25 million reward for his capture. There are travel warnings for people who visit the city. If you travel to Mogadishu, you are told to not wander the streets alone for any reason at all. There are bombings, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and rapes,. This is a city that you guys want to stay far away from.

Number 03: Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico is Ciudad Juarez

Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico

Ciudad Juarez which is located in Mexico. This is the nation’s most violent city and this is a place where violence occurs every single day. Police are often employed or paid off by drug gangs which results in hundreds, if not thousands of crimes going unsolved each and every year. Since the early 1990s, there have been approximately 370 femicides and at least 400 missing women. Femicide is a sexual gender hate crime in which in this case is defined by killing women. In 2010 there were over 3 000 murders reported, which is an average of 8 murders every single day. There is a constant rival between drug, cartels, smugglers, kidnappers, and other bad criminals. All over the city has dismembered bodies and common graves overstuffed with corpses.

Number 02: Most Dangerous Cities in Afghanistan is Kabul

Most Dangerous Cities in Afghanistan

Kabul is the capital of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as well as the largest city. It’s the 5th fastest-growing city in the world, but it comes at a price. The current Afghanistan government has little or no control over the country, this has become a war zone. Threats are unpredictable there have been many suicide bombings mass shootings and kidnappers. The standard policy there is to not report the kidnapping of foreigners. The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement group of Afghanistan. They were behind the attacks that happened on 9 11, this is a very scary group but isis has also taken over parts of Afghanistan.

Number 01: Most Dangerous Cities in Honduras is San Pedro Sula

Most Dangerous Cities in Honduras

This city has been ranked as the most violent city for several years in a row. And it’s for a reason it has the highest homicide rates in the world. Here are 7172 murders and this is in Honduras in 2012. Firearms trafficking has been a really big problem, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. This is mainly because of the hurricane Mitch that was a category 5 hurricane, that hit the city back in 1998 and still it hasn’t fully recovered. The city has also been known for cocaine trafficking as well.

So this is the place that uh you’re not going to take off your list of wanting to go visit and see the place well. These were your top 10 most dangerous cities and aka top 10 places you shouldn’t go to.
Thank you so much for watching. Hopefully, you learned a thing or two or 10 things.

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