List of Universities With GRE Waiver For Spring 2022

List of Universities With GRE Waiver For Spring 2022

Finally, we have listed the list of universities waiving gre for spring 2022. Which will help you find this questions in gre waiver universities in usa 2022 and gre fall 2022. Also included this article How to apply without GRE. So I’m going to be giving you guys a list in this post and I’m also going to be answering a few questions. Specifically, I have some questions in mind that.

You guys are probably thinking about the whole list of universities that have waived the GRE. So I’m going to be answering those questions in this post. If you want to skip directly to the gre waiver list of universities you can go below into this post. But before that, I’m going to be answering these questions, because they’re going to be very important for you.

So let’s get to the question and answering

Number 01: What do universities look for now?

So now that the gre has been made optional what are admissions committees going to look for in a potential applicant. So as you guys, remember you know the gre is not the only part of your application. You also have your GPA, Research/Projects, Sop, LOR any other kind of internship or work experience all these things that you’ve done. All of these will contribute to your profile. So now you can basically take the gre out of that equation and everything else is what’s going to be important towards your profile. Specifically, what I want you guys to pay attention to here, is that if you are applying to. Let’s say a quant-focused program. That means engineering, finance, MBA, accounting master’s in management all of these will be counted as quant focus programs.

So for these programs what you want to do is you want to make sure that you prove that you have a strong quantitative ability. Now without the gre and with the gre you can easily just get a good quan score and that’ll be enough. But without the gre you’re going to want to make sure that you have a good GPA. Even better than that you actually have good grades in your mathematics courses in your undergrad program. So that’s going to prove that you have the quantitative metal.

Number 02: Should You Still Submit a GRE score?

Next question, which is should you guys send in your GRE score now that it’s made optional. There’s specifically four cases that I want to look at because the answer is going to vary depending on who you are and which program you’re applying to.

Case 1: You’ve Been Studying for the Exam

So if you guys have already been preparing for the gre and it’s been like you know maybe a couple of weeks or a couple of months now. You still have time before you know you need to take your gra exam. I recommend that you actually do take your gra exam get in a good score and then send it to the university.

universities without gre requirements

Because having a good score is really going to help you improve your profile, even further right it’s going to strengthen your profile.

Case 2: You Can Get a Good Score With Little Prep

In case number two, let’s say you haven’t been preparing for the gre. But you’re already pretty good at quant and verbal like you’re confident in your skills. And you don’t have a lot of time left, but even if you do study for that time. you can still end up getting a pretty good score on the gre. Then I recommend that you do start your gre preparation get a good score on the gre. And send it to the university in order to improve your profile.

Case 3: You Have a LOW GRA

In case number three, let’s say you have a low GPA and that’s going to be dragging down your profile. Then you should absolutely send in a strong GRE score. The reason why is because your GPA is one of the most important elements in your profile. So if that’s low then you need to be able to compensate for that, the best way to compensate for the GPA is through the GRE.

Case 4: You Have a High GPA

Now let’s say your GPA is actually pretty good. So in that case, you don’t need to send in a GRE score. Because the GPA will take care of it. So if you have a strong GPA if you’re like you know the top 20 of your class and stuff. Then gonna be a pretty good GPA you don’t need to send in a GRE score. If you want to you can, but it’s not necessary. In any case, if you guys do have a good GRE score and if you send it. In that is going to strengthen your profile and improve your admin chances.

Number 03: will the competition rise as a Result?

The next question is will the competition rise because of the GRE waiver? And the answer is “YES”

The competition will rise the same way it did for fall 2021. But what you guys, need to know is that the competition rises every single year. So if you think if you’re thinking competition’s gonna be high. This time I’m not gonna apply this time. Trust me, next time it’s gonna be even higher. So don’t wait out for the competition just apply, if you think that you’re ready.

Number 04: Is There a GRE Waiver for Fall 2022?

Next question what about fall 2022. So for fall 2022, some universities have stated that. They have waived the gre you’ll find it again in that list. But a lot of universities have not stated it yet. So you can expect a similar fall 2021 gre waiver, but again we can’t be 100% sure until we get closer to that date.

Number 05: Is There a TOEFL/IELTS Waiver?

Now the TOEFL and IELTS have they been waived not really. So universities have added like some universities have added option. Where if you are from like a program, where the entire program has been taught in English. Then you can request a toefl or ielts waiver you have to make that request, or you it, you have to show in your transcript. That you know the program was conducted in English. So some universities do have some other ways that you can you know not to write the toefl in ielts still apply to the college. But a lot of the other universities have not waived it. So you’re still going to have to take those examinations.

Number 06: What About non-US universities?

Finally, such and why does your list not include universities outside the u.s. The reason why is because of the number of universities that ask for the gre outside us. They’re not a lot and they’re really varied like you know they’re very across countries and across programs as well. So it’s really difficult for us to compile a list of universities outside of us. That we’re asking for the gre earlier but then now are not due to the pandemic.

So that’s it for the questions now let’s get to the list of universities that are waiving gre for spring 2022.

So first up is the university of texas at Austin and specifically the electrical and computer engineering department. So you can see that they’ve plainly stated that the gre is not required for spring 22 applicants. So this is the most straightforward way to waive the gre.

waiver for spring 2022

Next up is the University of Pennsylvania. So they’ve stated that submitting your gre score is optional. but they also state that if you do have a gre score to report them then they encourage you to report it. If you don’t report it it’s okay it’s not going to negatively impact your profile. But still, if you do have a score that they encourage you to do it. They’ve only done this for most of their graduate programs, not for all of them for the rest of them you might have to apply for a test waiver.

list of universities waiving gre for fall 2022

Next, we have Columbia University and specifically the school of international public affairs. So you can see that they’ve also you know started accepting applications without the gre score. So it’s totally fine, but what they want to see is that they want to see your quantitative ability either in your undergraduate program. or after your undergraduate program through, like you know extra courses and stuff you take because it’s a quant-focused program.

without gre universities in usa 2022

Next, we have Stanford University. So they haven’t mentioned anything for spring 2022 yet. But they have talked about uh for fall 2022. So for fall 2022, they stated that you did not submit your gre scores at all. The score will not be considered, so if you a university states you know something like this then don’t bother sending your gra score at all.

waiver for spring 2022


Finally, we have the Michigan Ross MBA program. So they still require the gre score, but they allow you to submit a test waiver. Just in case you know had some hardship and were not able to take the great exam. So for these kinds of universities, you have to specifically request a test waiver. So those are just a few of the universities that are waving the gre for spring 2022 for a full list, check out the link below.

Check out this list of universities waiving gre for spring 2022

list of universities

Questions and Answer GRE Waiver Universities In USA 2022

  1. With the GRE waived, what do admissions committees look for?
  2. If the GRE is waived, should I send in my GRE score anyway?
  3. Will competition rise because of the GRE waiver?
  4. Are TOEFL/IELTS waived too?
  5. What about universities outside the us?

Read this article to know the answers to the above questions

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