Questions and Answer GRE Waiver Universities In USA 2022

GRE Waiver Universities In USA 2022

Hello everyone in this article I’m going to give you guys the list of GRE Waiver Universities In USA 2022. So this has been highly requested and here’s an article. We’re going to give you the full list of all the top 50 universities in us that have waived the gre 2022.

So as usual if you guys want to get directly to the gre waiver list, you just go skip right to this post (List of Universities With GRE Waiver For Spring 2022). But before that, I’m going to be answering these five questions.

Questions and Answer GRE Waiver Universities In USA 2022
Questions and Answer GRE Waiver Universities In USA 2022
  1. With the GRE waived, what do admissions committees look for?
  2. If the GRE is waived, should I send in my GRE score anyway?
  3. Will competition rise because of the GRE waiver?
  4. Are TOEFL/IELTS waived too?
  5. What about universities outside the us?

See the Top 50 GRE Waiver Universities In USA 2022

So let’s get started with the first question what do universities look for now that the gre is waived?

So the gre was a way or is still a way for universities to judge your academic ability. Which means how well will you it will be able to study you know in the program. Will you be able to pass all the classes, and you know will you struggle in your masters or phd-mba program and so on.

Now that they don’t have the gre anymore, what they’ll be closely looking at is your gpa. So now your gpa will become doubly important right because that’s the only indicator left of you. Know to prove that you are a good student. That you can study that you’ll be able to pass all the classes well and just generally succeed in the program.

So obviously now that the gre is not there they’ll be focusing more on your gpa. The rest of the stuff you know like research projects internships all those are still going to be looked at. But they’re not exact measurements of your know how. Well, you can study they’re more about your involvement outside of class. So while those are still important your gpa will become even more important now.

2) Now if the gre is a wave should you still send in your gra score. This depends on how the university has waived the gre. So there are three different types of waivers that i’ve seen so far right.

The first is where they waived it completely and they’re not even going to be looking at any gre scores.

The second is where they’ve made it optional and you know for you to send into gi scores but it’s not really required.

The third is they’ve made it optional. But recommended that you send in the gre score.

So if it’s the first case where they’re not even going to look at your gre score then don’t bother sending in your gri score. Because it’s going to be a waste of whatever 27 dollars to send your score. Into that university right so don’t bother in that case.

Second, if they have made it optional then yes you probably should send in your gr score in most cases.

The third thing is if they made it optional, but recommended. Then YES I recommend that you guys submit your gri score. Because they literally said it’s recommended. so you should do that if you want to improve your admissions chances.

The third question will the competition rise because of the gra waiver? This has been something that people have been asking me since fall 21 right. So fall 21 was the first gre waiver and people are asking okay. Fall 21 is the gre waiver going to cause an increase in traffic and all that okay.

So YES, because the gre is waived it sort of reduces like a barrier to applying for a lot of students. And therefore it’s likely that more students will be applying for any particular program right.

So it’s going to increase the student traffic. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop applying to fall 22. You should wait for fall 23 right. Because the students who may be decided that okay. fall 21 it’s too risky, because of the gre waiver two when people are applying so I’m gonna wait.

Now it’s fall 22 time and they still have the exact same scenarios Yara’s still waived. So they’ve just essentially wasted an entire year. So I’m gonna tell you guys the same thing that I told you. Those students back, then if you feel that you are ready for your master’s PhD or MBA program.

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Then you apply regardless of the gra waiver gonna happen next year or not regardless of whether traffic is gonna increase this year or not. If you are ready then you apply it’s time for you to take that next step.

Next, is the TOEFL and IELTS wave too not exactly? So we’ve done a little bit of research in TOEFL IELTS and it looks like most universities have not waived it. However, we’re probably going to look a little bit deeper and release a future list. You know release another list maybe in the next couple of weeks about the TOEFL and IELTS waiver. But for now most universities it seems like they’re still requiring it.

Finally what about universities outside us. So universities outside us don’t have a list for that. Because it’s a little bit complicated when it comes to universities outside us. Because outside the u.s you know most universities don’t have a gra requirement right.

Many universities will allow you to submit the gre score. But for most of these programs they’ve never required gre in the first place. So the question becomes how do we judge whether a university has waived the gre for fall 22. If they’ve never required the gre at all.

There’s just too much scope outside the US. Because there’s uh there’s Canada – UK – Australia – Singapore um Europe there are so many different countries. And we just don’t have the resources to do research on all the different universities around the world right.

So what you guys want to do is if you are applying to a university outside the us. I recommend that you go to your program’s website and then check the status of the gre right. If they’ve waived it then that’s great. They haven’t mentioned it at all then they probably didn’t require it in the first place.

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