Best 8 Universities in California | Subject Rankings and Profiles

Best Universities in California

Hello everyone, in this article I’m gonna tell you guys about the Best 8 universities in California. Then give you the approximate profile, that you would need in order to apply to these universities and get in.

So what we’re gonna do is. I’m gonna rank you know the universities from the top to the bottom. Then we’re gonna I’m gonna give you guys the global ranking of these universities taken from QS And then I’m gonna give you guys a subject-based ranking of these universities.

So how good are these universities in certain subjects and that ranking is going to be taken from usnews. So before I get to the ranking there’s something really important that, I want you guys to know about California universities. California universities are very competitive for two reasons.

  1. Popular State Crich, Good Weather, Etc: Because it’s in California. Because of the weather and the money and all that. So California is a very popular destination.
  2. Proximity To Silicon Valley: Because of the proximity to silicon valley. So especially if you are applying to a program, that would be how would I say this like you know in high demand in silicon valley. So things like Computer science, Data Science, Business Analytics, Robotics, Electronics you know all these kinds of things that would be really popular in silicon valley.

Those programs will be extremely competitive in California. So let me give you guys an example, let’s say there’s a university in California that’s ranked at let’s say 101 globally. And there’s another university somewhere else in the u.s that’s ranked at 100.

The university in California even though it’s of a similar ranking to the other university is going to be more competitive. Then the other university. Just because it’s in California and just because it’s close to silicon valley. So that’s something that you guys need to keep in mind about California universities.

So now let’s get to the list of the top eight universities in California and the kind of profiles that you might need to get in.

Ranked number one is Stanford University: So this is the Stanford university world university rankings rankings. And Stanford is pretty much good at everything.

university in california

So here on the screen, you guys can see all the different topics that Stanford is good at it three columns. In every other college, I could fit into two columns. But Stanford has three columns and they’re good at pretty much everything.

The thing about Stanford is obviously is one of the best universities in the world not just in California. But the thing that you guys need to know is that it’s extremely competitive. So if you are like the best student in your class and you have an amazing gre score and you have excellent projects. You are kind of like an average applicant or a slightly maybe above average applicant at Stanford.

So the people that apply to Stanford are already the best in their college or best in their high school whatever. And they already have excellent projects and research work and internships and all that. So that’s the kind of pool you’re going to be competing against. So even if you think your profile is amazing, trust me Stanford is still a dream university for you.

Ranked number two is California Institute of Technology (Caltech): So here we have Caltech’s rankings on And then here we have Caltech’s subject rankings, you know you can see that they’re also really good in a lot of stuff. Especially you know the science and even more specifically you know physics and space science and all that.

So Caltech what you guys need to know is that, unlike Stanford which is kind of a bigger university. Caltech is a very small university. So they don’t have many students I don’t think they have any master’s programs at all. I’m not really sure, but I’m pretty sure they’re like 99% PhD students at Caltech.

So and they’re a very small institution they’re like a really research-focused institution. So if you guys are applying to Caltech you need to make sure that first of all, you’re probably going to be applying for a PhD. And secondly, you have a really strong research background.

Because that’s what they’re going to be looking for at Caltech. And obviously Stanford and Caltech you need to be like you know you need to have some of the best gpa possible. Some of the best gre scores possible. If you’re choosing to submit your gre score. You need to be like you know the kind of best applicant that is going to be there you know towards applying to these universities in order for you to get it.

Ranked number three is the University of California, Berkeley: So Berkeley is also an awesome university it’s not quite up to the rank of Stanford and Caltech. But it’s still like an amazing university I think it’s the second biggest university in California. Here you guys can see its global ranking and then here are all the different subjects that Berkeley is good at.

california university

So the thing about Berkeley is that you know like i said it’s not as good as Stanford or Caltech. But it’s still you know i think it’s one of the best UC’s like you know university of California Berkeley. So it’s still one of the best UC’s or it’s still the best UC. So it’s still pretty hard for you to get into. So as long as you have you know a great profile a great GPA – GRE score, great project, and stuff you should stand a chance of getting in.

Ranked number four is the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): So UCLA is also a fantastic university in California. It’s the biggest university in California. And because of that size, you might feel that you know it’s a little bit easier to get into because there’s a bigger class size and stuff.

So it’s possible that the admit rate is a little bit higher. So again you would still need a pretty great profile in order for you to get into UCLA. Here are the top rankings and then here are the subject rankings for UCLA.

universities of ca

Ranked number five is the University of California, San Diego (UCSD): So UC san Diego right after UCLA it’s again one of the biggest universities in California. It is pretty competitive especially for certain programs maybe like computer science or maybe just whatever you know programs that it’s good at.

Here is the rankings for UCSD and here are the subjects that UCSD is really good at.

Ranked number six is the University of Southern California: So university southern California is ranked six in California. This university’s really known for its film school. So it’s really famous for having a really popular film school. And if you guys didn’t know shahrukh khan sun actually went there. I know you guys come to the channel for hot celebrity gossip so here it is.

In order to get into USC you would actually need a pretty good profile just like san Diego. You need a good profile like a really good GPA and stuff maybe you’re in the top 15-20 of your class. That’s the kind of GPA that they’re looking for and you know with some solid projects internships and stuff you should be able to get into UCLA and san Diego.

Ranked number seven is the University of California, Davis: So UC Davis is the next university in California here is the rankings for UC. for UC Davis and here are the subjects that UC Davis is good at.

university california

So uc davis is one of the less competitive universities in California. So if you guys are planning to get into california universities. You have like an above-average profile then uc davis would be you know right for you.

Ranked number seven is the University of Santa Barbara: Least we have uc santa Barbara. which is also pretty solid university in California. Below the top universities ranking for santa barbara and here are the subjects that santa barbara is good at.

san francisco universities

Again you would need like an above-average profile if you want to get into uc santa Barbara. Because it is a pretty good university you know top 8 in California. Now i just want to put on the screen some universities in California. That would be considered as you know honorable mentions in this list they’re not exactly you know part of the top universities in California.

But still, these are decent universities in California phone apply to, if you have an average profile ish then I think you probably will be able to get into these universities. There are a bunch of other universities outside this list. Outside the universities that I discussed in this article.

You know for example San Jose state university. There’s like you know California state universities¬†like Fullerton and I think Newcastle.

I don’t know there’s a bunch of universities. So those universities are not the best universities, maybe if you have like a below-average profile you could try applying to those universities. But obviously, if you try to get into the top 8 you know that those are the kind of universities you should be aiming for. So that’s it for this post thank you guys.

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