Best Smartphone For You? Suggest for your dream tech deals

Best Smartphone For You Suggest for your dream tech deals

Hello friends, today talking about the smartphone. The thing that makes the smartphone the most interesting?

Every person’s demand is different, what can be a good smartphone in terms of common people usage. Today we will discuss here Best Smartphone For You?

Because a person’s choice is one of a kind.
Someone likes the camera, someone likes the display, someone likes the performance and someone likes the processor.

But what does a standard smartphone need to have?
Okay, I’ve made a category list here, which thing to prioritize more and which thing to prioritize less, it’s on people’s needs.

Let’s discuss at the beginning of all the thing that comes to the notice of the smartphone, which is the first thing that everyone sees then the “Display

Best Smartphone For You - Display

The display is a thing you can’t believe. But the main thing about the display is its size. At the present time, the size of the display is increasing. you will not get a compact smartphone now. There is a lot of demand for compact mobiles in the market. But the size of the display should be such that it is suitable for you. Someone prefers a small display, someone prefers a large display again comes a medium. Such as 6.4 inches which is very easy to use with one hand and the content inside is consumed.

Display Quality:

The size of the display and the size of the screen are discussed. So let’s discuss the quality of the display. There are two important parts of quality.

  1. Display resolution
  2. Display panel

Speaking of resolution, HD is almost over, in my opinion, if you take a smartphone above 6 inches, it must have Full HD resolution inside. HD+ also works below 6 inches, but if you go above 6 inches, it is important to have an Ethanist Full HD+ display. And if you go above 6.50, the quad HD display is much better.

The next thing that comes to mind is the display quality. The quality of the display and the panel, it depends on your experience. If you have a good Amoled or good LCD display then it is better to use.


One thing everyone checks when they buy a mobile phone is the camera of the mobile.

Everyone buys a smartphone, but when opening the camera, you see what the camera looks like. Everyone uses the primary camera of the smartphone. Mobiles have many cameras, many pixels have cameras, Microsoft Ultra-Tele photos are available. But the most used is the main camera of the mobile.

Best Smartphone For You - Camera
Best Smartphone For You – Camera
Best Smartphone For You - Camera
Best Smartphone For You – Lens

The good and the bad depend on which camera’s lens and sensor belongs to which company. The size of the sensor, the pixels, everything depends on the camera.

The camera is the most that everyone wants on their own mobile. Although it is not used every day, but yes it is used. Most of the people who use cameras for photographs are not used for video. But at present everyone uses selfie camera except real camera. The photographs that are currently uploaded are shot with a selfie camera. So it is important for the camera to be good.


The next thing that comes to mind is the software inside the mobile. Excluding the hardware, I have put the software in front, because you will open and try the software that is inside the mobile. It’s not good if you feel bad there. If Ads on mobile have started slowly then your feelings will get bad.


The next thing that comes to the fore is hardware. Everyone thinks that hardware means processor, yes this also means that the processor must be good in mobile phones. But the thing that is better than the processor here is who RAM and Storage have been used. If you use fast RAM and fast storage inside the mobile then you will get better performance of your phone. If the phone uses bad RAM and bad storage, then the performance of the phone will not be good.

Best Smartphone For You Hardware
Best Smartphone For You – Hardware

Phones that use hardware well can be used for long periods of time and phones that do not use hardware well cannot be used for long periods of time.

Phones that use good hardware will get phone updates for a long time and smartphones that do not use good hardware will not get phone updates for a long time. And it depends entirely on the company, the company will give updates on any phone for a long time and not on any phone.

Build Quality and Design

Then comes the thing that I left behind. Many people put it first for offline, this is the build quality and design of the phone.
If you look at the design of the phone, you will see different things. If it is called build quality, then it is important to know how to feel the hand of the phone. You will see many types of phones in the market if I say Poco X3 it is a very good smartphone. On the Poco X3, you will find a lot of good hardware, but the biggest problem is that the hand fill is bad. When you take it in hand, it will feel very heavy.

Best Smartphone For You - Build Quality and Design
Best Smartphone For You – Build Quality and Design

If it is said that the Samsung Galaxy M Series with a large battery, you will have a lot of fun with it. If you want the design, you will not find it in the Samsung Galaxy M Series, you will find it in the Samsung Galaxy A Series. These are not looked at online but are preferred offline.

The company uses plastic to give new designs, but you can’t showcase it, because the plastic easily scratches and breaks down.

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If you have to buy a smartphone, look at your budget first and buy your smartphone by looking at what kind of hardware you are getting, what kind of camera you are getting, and what kind of quality you are getting in that budget.

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